What if I gave you a million dollar asset, what would you do with it?

Pain! Is it all in your head?
July 14, 2016

What if I gave you a million dollar asset, what would you do with it?

I often think about what I’d do with $1 million, would I spend every last cent would I save it? I hope I would find a solid place to invest it, so I could reap the rewards of that investment for years into the future. Believe it, or not, your body is your first million dollar asset. Organs sold on the black market go for 30,000 and up per tissue and there are some parts that man hasn’t figured out how to replicate.

And yet, how many of us treat our bodies as the asset that it is? We consistently push ourselves and our bodies to the limit and then wonder why it’s not always ready to perform for us. We learn to ignore the pain because someone somewhere said, “no pain, no gain.” And we’ve been brainwashed into associating pain with physical improvement. Don’t be fooled. Instead learn to take care of your asset by paying attention to your body. Pain is an indication that something is wrong. And we need to shift our thinking to: “no pain for gain.”

So often we ignore those little aches and pains at work because we have a deadline to reach, but we forget that even when we ignore those little aches and pains, they still slow us down. We take up a physical activity to help reduce stress, but even exercise adds stress on the body. And micro tears, like repetitive strain, can progress into major injuries when we don’t take care of ourselves properly. Decrease your chance of injury by following a repair and recover game plan.

You gotta start taking care of your money-maker. Whether you’re 24 and just starting your career or 74 and looking to get the most out of retirement, right now is the best time to create a game plan for reaching optimal performance.

At Serenity Jean, we want you to start building your foundation of healthy function that can last your life-time. You only get one body, and we are here to help you take care of your million dollar asset.

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