How is your Body like a Car?

Pain! Is it all in your head?
July 14, 2016

How is your Body like a Car?

My uncle races off road vehicles and I’ve always wanted to see NASCAR live. The way those drivers push their car to perform at both driver’s and vehicle’s peak is amazing. Something that we wouldn’t do regularly on our commute to work, because our car needs to last. But the race car driver can push the limit because he knows there is a pit crew behind him with every part necessary to keep his vehicle in the race. Typically, the winners of the off road races in Baja come down to the vehicles that didn’t break down. My uncle has finished more races in a ditch than crossing the finish line.

A few years ago I was thinking about this when my car was dead on the highway. In less than 3 miles my check engine light came on and my engine over-heated. I didn’t even have a change to get to a gas station before I was down and out. And I was facing the decision, do I rebuild the engine or do I buy a new one?

I weighed my options: cost to repair versus cost to replace. And then I realized, it’s the same for our bodies. Only we can’t just trade our bodies in for a newer model, although there are a lot of surgeries tat want us to think we can. We may be able to replace a part here and there, but the body overall has got to last for our life-time.

Most times we drive our bodies hard, like the race car driver, but we forget to have a pit crew as our support team. We need our bodies to be reliable like our commuter car, but we also want the performance of a race car. Now most of us know that the life expectancy of our car is between 3-10 years depending on how good we care for it.

Have you gotten caught in the ditches of life? Are you wanting to have optimum performance as you age?

That’s why Serenity Jean exists. We are the pit crew for your body. We are the regular maintenance to keep proper function and we are the rehab crew that can repair and recover your body to get you back in your race.

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