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In this video series we reveal the 3 vital components that will revolutionize your skin and energy. Founder Amy Jean gives you the inside scoop on recovering your health.

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Holistic Health

Your body is all connected. And pain is simply the message that the tissue sends because it needs something from the rest of the body. Muscles or soft tissue could be inflamed, nerves could be pinched, blood could be moving slow. Each is a different part of a system and it’s these systems working together that make you amazing and dynamic. You are unique, yet your body functions like every other body out there. But each experience you have, each emotion you feel, each thought you think, shape your body differently than anyone else, making you unique. And each moment of these collective experiences make you different than you were just a moment ago. So imagine all these intricate living systems crammed into such a small space, your body. And each part is vitally important to the survival of the whole. If one part is struggling to function because of pain or inflammation or fatigue, then the whole body is compromised.

Rehabilitation Treatment

Are you finding that you’re limited in life because your body isn’t working the way it used to? Maybe you were in a car accident. Maybe you have overexerted your body from repetitive motion. Maybe you’ve fallen. Maybe you have a degenerative condition. When your body experiences trauma, it goes into protection mode, and you may notice bruising or swelling as these may be signs of injury. Your body may be in protection mode, and your other body parts will begin to compensate for the injured tissue. If you don’t get treatment soon, this damage will change how your body reacts.

Preventative Treatment

You don’t just wake up one day with joint pain or body stiffness. NO, it is a long term process that starts when you’re young and you consistently take your body and your health for granted. And you ignore those little aches and pains. Then one day you have trouble bending down to pick something up and an even harder time getting back up.

Weight Loss

You hear a lot on TV and the internet about weightloss programs. And even those names we’re all familiar with have come out with a new program that is a percentage better than the old program. But what we don’t find a lot about is Weight Gain. Did you just one day wake up and poof- you’re now overweight? Hardly, you didn’t wake up one day and your weight all of a sudden is a problem that you see. No, it creeps up on us over time. And unfortunately, we’re too busy to notice for one reason or another. Your body isn’t what it was a year ago, 2 years ago, or longer.

Home Care

Don’t you wish you could get a massage every day? A lot of our clients tell us when they win the Lotto they’ll be in our office every day. But who has the time or the $$ for that? At Serenity Jean, we get such great results for our clients in-office that we want those results to work their way into you daily life and routine. How do we extend those results during the treatment interim? Especially when repetitive activities put a constant strain on your body? I wish I could tell you to stop doing those strenuous activities, but that is unrealistic. It’s unrealistic for you to simply stop doing such tasks. Instead you need to find a way to unwind from the repetitive motions you do each day.

Corporate Wellness Program – Total Care

Good for the heart, mind and your bottom line. How far would you expect to go when your car gas light comes on? Most of us, when the light comes on, we start thinking of the nearest gas station. And some of us start thinking about where to fill-up when our tank gets to that last quarter mark. You’d never expect to drive cross country with an empty tank. Yet, too often that’s exactly what is demanded of your workforce. How often do you expect tasks to be completed because of looming deadlines, while your workforce is running on empty?

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Serenity is having peace while struggling with decisions and aspects of life. Serenity is calm in the chaos and peace in life’s storms.

By educating our community, we teach how to take care of your body with little daily adjustments to how we think about what we do. And the reality is the cost you put in when your young far outweighs the costs we pay when were old. With over 15 years of coaching and mentoring experience (beginner-college), Amy left teaching to open Serenity Jean because she saw the need to bridge the gap between physical stress and quality of life. She is a holistic health practitioner and certified massage therapist. She is a licensed skin expert, Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner. She’s been featured in the Inland Empire Magazine, has guest-lectured for PossAbilities Women’s Cycle Clinics and works with professional and amateur athletes, so they can live life to their fullest.

Get Healthy Now

In this video series we reveal the 3 vital components that will revolutionize your skin and energy. Get Access Now.